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星期二, 十一月 01, 2005




From : [blogSpirit] Philippe PINAULT
Sent : Tuesday, October 25, 2005 9:37 PM
To : "'wen lin'"
Subject : RE: can't find any entries at my blog since crash


We do know that google removed a lot of blogSpirit.com links.

It's a temporary situation I think, please be patient,

We has more than 4 millions links within "site:blogSpirit.com" search ten
days ago. It should be ok within a few days,


Philippe PINAULT

blogspirit.com 上约有 2,270,000 项符合的查询结果
blogger.com 上约有 5,910,000 项符合的查询结果,
blogspot.com 上约有 20,600,000 项符合的查询结果,
blogbus.com 上约有 587,000 项符合的查询结果

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