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星期五, 五月 12, 2006


麻省理工学院校长Susan Hockfield的声明



网页将包括原来所有的材料,以及我们根据学校各方深思熟虑的意见而添加的背景和导览说明。令人遗憾的是,在过去一周我们收到来自世界各地的意见当中, 有的对项目作者加以辱骂或威胁;有的则要求将网页永久撤消并且或是要求学校对Dower教授和Miyagawa教授采取惩罚措施。



Susan Hockfield

Statement from President Susan Hockfield
May 4, 2006

The Visualizing Cultures web site will be relaunched within the next few days. This project -- the work of two outstanding members of our faculty -- is in the finest traditions of MIT: deep and rigorous scholarship, pioneering and innovative pedagogy and a commitment to serve society. Drawing on these traditions, the project illuminates complex historical and cultural issues.

The web site will include all the original materials as well as added context and navigational aids that have been developed in response to thoughtful comments by members of our community. Unfortunately, among the comments received over the past week from all over the world were some that were abusive or threatening to the authors; some called for the web site to be suppressed and/or for the Institute to take action against Professors Dower and Miyagawa.

We affirm in the strongest way possible our support for the work of these professors, and for the principles of academic freedom. While some of the text and images on the web site are painful to see, the attacks on our colleagues and their work are antithetical to all that we stand for as a university dedicated to open inquiry and the free exchange of ideas. As scholars and educators, we have an obligation to explore complex and controversial ideas, and to do so in a manner that respects those with whom we may disagree.

As Visualizing Cultures is relaunched, we hope people will read the text, view the images and consider the important questions the authors raise. They welcome, and we all benefit from, thoughtful discourse and the learning that results from serious intellectual engagement with these matters.

Susan Hockfield
President, MIT



发给MIT 校长的抗议Email - 中国人要有血性(组图)

http://www.backchina.com 倍可亲 京港台时间:04/26 02:21 稿件来源: 论坛

【倍可亲网讯】倍可亲(backchina.com)一个任教于麻省理工的日本叫兽 Shigereu Miyagawa的发布了OLD CHINA NEW JAPAN的文章和图片,大肆宣传日本人屠杀中国人,并认为这是一种艺术。



下面是我刚发给MIT校长,及抄送历史系主任,哲学系主任,和那个日本叫兽的Email. 综合了一下大家的意见和朋友的修改,起草的下面的Email, 欢迎大家修改.




当有人在挖你们家祖坟, 你还没点血性,那他妈还叫男人吗!!!

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