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星期二, 十月 18, 2005


呵呵,发现单单键入“张三”,古狗也搜不到了。给他们写了信。不知道会不会恢复。 不能恢复,还不如搬到blogspot去呢。上他主页看看,也挺有意思。


From : [blogSpirit.com] Philippe PINAULT
Sent : Monday, October 17, 2005 9:01 AM
To : "Zhang 3" <@hotmail.com>
Subject : About blogSpirit.com attack

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Hello Zhang,

BlogSpirit.com service was attacked during the night from October 13 to 14. The
origin of the attack has been identified and our servers are now operating and
protected against such threats.

This attack had deleted many blogs. We restored all those blogs last Friday and
Saturday. All posts and all comments of all the blogs are now restored.

During these two days, I regularly published a progress report on my personal
blog: http://www.philippepinault.com/en/

Some files and images and stylesheets may still miss on some blogs. We do our
best to restore those files. However, I cannot confirm at this time that all
files and images will be restored. If you have a local backup on your computer,
I suggest you to publish these files again; your blog will recover its normal
appearance faster.

We also set up new servers to strengthen our technical infrastructure for more
security and better backups.

In the name of all my team, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


Philippe PINAULT
Managing Director
Email: philippe@blogspirit.com
Skype: Philippe.Pinault ◆

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