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星期二, 五月 30, 2006

The Change of Blogspirit

Hi can somebody tell me what's happend with Blogspirit? I even can not open all the Homepages of the Blogspirit Boss philippe pinault. I don't think it's only a update.


Dear xxx,

blogSpirit has evolved in order to offer you a better service with even more features than before.

New offersTwo new offers will replace our former free offer and the "à la carte" services:

The Classic offer for 5,90 Euros per month. This offer is suited for all of those who want to create a blog for the first time in their life. Blog or photoblog, you decide. You will have at your disposal 250 MB free Web space to publish and save thousands of pictures, files, audios and videos.
The Professional offer for 14,90 Euros. With our Pro offer you will get all the Classic's features and many other features allowing you to obtain even more exciting results: you will be able to create up to 5 blogs or photoblogs and have 1 GB free Web space, a unique selection of professional layouts and the possibility of having your blog edited by more than 1 author (multiblogs). You will also be able to publish your blog with your own domain's name (if you have one).
You and blogSpiritWe will not propose to any new user our services for free, anymore. This change does not affect you: you will keep the same level of service as always and you will not be asked to pay anything.

Nevertheless, just to thank you for having choosen blogSpirit, we would like to offer you a little present: a 3 months totally free subscription to one of our two new offers. If you wish to activate this feature just go to "Your Account" page, click on "Your Subscription" and insert the code WELCOME in the field "discount code". Hurry up! You'll have time just to June 30, 2006 to activate this exceptional offer.

Updgrade your blogFor a correct display of these new services you need to update the templates of your blog.

If you did not modify your templates, please click on "Update my templates" and this opertion will be launched automatically. Do not worry about your stilesheets: they will not be affected by this.

On the other hand, if you actually modified your templates (index, categories, archives, comments, permalinks), click on "Don't update my templates" and download the following file instead.

One last thing: our General terms and conditions have been updated (ch. 13 and ch. 14). You must read them one more time and accept them in order to proceed.

We hope that these new offers match your expectations.

Have a nice blogging with blogSpirit!

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