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星期四, 六月 04, 2009

This is Radio Beijing

当日偶然录下该段广播的记者Jack Urso在2000年春季重温录音后报导如下。有称播音员为时任英语部主任的李丹,根据其简历,似不确。



May 31, 2001
Segment 2: "The Lost Voice of Radio Beijing"
As we approach the anniversary of the Tianneman uprising in China, this piece offers a brief vignette of one event that took place at the time. Lost Voice was produced by Jack Urso as a short feature for the Producing Historical Documentaries course in the spring of 2000.

Transcribed by: erikl@blake.acs.washington.edu (Erik Larsen)
Date: 4 Jun 89 06:26:22 GMT
Radio Beijing English Service (0400 GMT 11685 MHz):

"This is Radio Beijing. Please remember June the Third, 1989. The most tragic event happened in the Chinese Capital, Beijing.

Thousands of people, most of them innocent civilians, were killed by fully-armed soldiers when they forced their way into city. Among the killed are our colleagues at Radio Beijing. The soldiers were riding on armored vehicles and used machine guns against thousands of local residents and students who tried to block their way. When the army conveys made the breakthrough, soldiers continued to spray their bullets indiscriminately at crowds in the street. Eyewitnesses say some armored vehicles even crushed foot soldiers who hesitated in front of the resisting civilians. [The] Radio Beijing English Department deeply mourns those who died in the tragic incident and appeals to all its listeners to join our protest for the gross violation of human rights and the most barbarous suppression of the people.

Because of the abnormal situation here in Beijing there is no other news [of the incident] we could bring you. We sincerely ask for your understanding and thank you for joining us at this most tragic moment."

(0400 GMT 11685 MHz, June 4, 1989 06:26:22)



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